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XOXO, FrogShmog

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Hi, there! Thanks so much for hopping by! I am Ellen Aria, aka FrogShmog, former public school teacher turned homeschool mom of 3 amazing boys. I learned to crochet on YouTube when my 1st kiddo was born and was totally HOOKED. I love using great yarn to CREATE. I SHARE easily read patterns because crochet is for EVERYONE. From newbies to seasoned stitchers, this page is for YOU! Join me for FREE patterns, tutorials, videos, and ENCOURAGEMENT! Grab your favorite hook and hop right in!


Frogging got ya UNHOPPY?? Rip it good...

Undeniably FROG is the four letter word of fiber arts. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a mistake rows back! We stare at it, squinting as we decide if we can live with it or not and then grumbling, sometimes LOUDLY, we rip, rip , rip it back so we can fix our error. FROG! We curse and gnash our teeth. I can not deny the frustration of watching row upon row reduced to crinkled heaps of yarn barf... BUT frogging is really an opportunity, a reset, a gift… I know, I know… Sounds, crazy, right? But hear me out with this gentle reframing of the dreaded FROG. When it comes down to it, we are so lucky in our craft that we can frog our work to make it something of which we are proud, something that brings joy to us and to others. We can reuse our materials and give it another go. This is amazing! So next time the dreaded word leaves our lips may we find comfort in the possibilities it provides. FrogShmog!

                               XOXO, FrogShmog